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Information Sheets of Selected Clones under Commercialization   
   Field Plots   

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  • MONTEUUIS O., GALIANA A., GOH DKS. 2013: Chapter 15: In vitro micropropagation and rooting of Acacia mangium and A. mangium x A. auriculiformis. In: Protocols for Micropropagation of Selected Economically-Important Horticultural Plants

    (M Lambardi, EA Ozudogru, SM Jain Eds). Springer Science-Business Media, New York.199-211

  • MONTEUUIS O., GOH D. 2017: 3.2 Origin and global dissemination of clonal material in teak plantations. In: The Global Teak Study: Analysis, Evaluation and Future Potential of Teak Resources

    (Walter Kollert, Michael Kleine eds), IUFRO World Series Volume 36, 30-36


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  • Growth differences and genetic parameter estimates of 15 teak (Tectona grandis L.f.) genotypes of various ages clonally propagated by microcuttings and planted under humid tropical conditions

    By D.K.S. GOH1), Y. JAPARUDIN2), A. ALWI2), M. LAPAMMU2), A. FLORI3) and O. MONTEUUIS3),*)


  • Field growth performances of teak genotypes of different ages clonally produced by rooted cuttings, in vitro microcuttings, and meristem culture

    Olivier Monteuuis and Doreen Kim Soh Goh

      Latest Publications arising from joint projects with CIRAD