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The Clonal Option
Selected Superior Clones
Worldwide Exportation of Top Teak

Nursery Plant Collections for Landscaping

Our nursery offers a wide variety of plants ranging from trees, palms bamboos, ornamental shrubs, herbs and spices, climbers and creeper. Amongst them visitors can find the colourful bougainvillea varieties, and the tropical essentials: fan palms and sword ferns, as well as edible gingers and fruit tree seedlings.

Collectible Hybrid Orchids

We also offer hybrid orchids for the orchid enthusiasts. Visitors can find varieties from the large genus of Dendrobiums, the attractive Phalaenopsis to fragranced and dwarfed varieties.

Tissue Culture Plantlets

Bare-rooted tissue culture plantlets, packed in light-weight containers under sterile conditions, can be successfully exported to distant countries without any phytosanitary constraints.

Field-Ready Plants

Plants in polybags, arising from either nursery cuttings or tissue culture plantlets, are available for the local market whole year round and can be easily accessed from our nursery in Kota Kinabalu.

Germplasm Accession

Accession of our selected teak germplasm for propagation at their own facility is possible to clients via a licensing agreement under specific terms and conditions.

Seeds with Broad-Based Genetics

Possessing one of the broadest teak germplasm collection in the world, our seed production stands provide a readily available pool of new planting materials which can be useful for increasing and/or improving the genetic diversity of local populations.