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The Clonal Option
Selected Superior Clones
Worldwide Exportation of Top Teak
Selected Superior Clones

The superior performance of our selected and tested true-to-type clonal materials has attracted much interest from investors in the plantation industry. Traits of our selected clones of Solomon Island origin include:

Fast growth

Growing under Sabah climatic conditions (monthly temperatures of 26-28 0C and annual rainfall of 2500 mm without a distinct dry season), mean annual growth of 2.5 - 3 cm in diameter and 3-4 m in height can be expected.

High heartwood to sapwood ratio

As observed even in young teak trees of age 10 from thinning.

Narrow crown

that can be inter-cropped with other cash crops in an agroforestry setting.

Bole straightness with minimal branching.