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Incorporated as a collaborative research project known as the Plant Biotechnology Laboratory with CIRAD, a French R & D organization in 1989, YSG Bioscape Sdn Bhd is now a wholly owned subsidiary company under the Yayasan Sabah Group (Sabah Foundation Group). The Company specializes in the mass production of tissue culture plantlets of selected superior genotypes of teak (Tectona grandis) and Acacia hybrids for large-scale plantation establishments at the local and international levels.

Since its inception, the Company has accomplished several significant milestones and has transcended from being a pilot project and its original role as a biotechnology R & D showcase for the Group. These include its transformation into a fully commercialized entity at a bigger facility in the capital city of Sabah, Kota Kinabalu in year 2003, followed by the conferment of a BioNexus Status by the Malaysian Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation in year 2008. The year 2007 represents a landmark year in which the Company managed to hit its millionth mark in revenue turnover within four years after its inception as a commercial subsidiary. In year 2010 and 2011, the Company registered the trademark “Top Teak” for its teak planting materials in Australia (No. 1281521) and Malaysia (No. 08017224) respectively.

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Today, the superior performance of our selected materials under very diverse conditions in various regions of the world has earned the Company a global reputation as a supplier of premium quality teak planting materials. Consequently, several millions plantlets issued from selected teak clones have been produced for orders coming from both overseas and local plantation companies. Australia alone has purchased more than one million plantlets from us. Likewise, tissue culture plantlets of selected clones of Acacia hybrids A. mangium x A. auriculiformis are also sold to both local and foreign buyers for plantation establishments.

YSG Bioscape Sdn Bhd is now positioned among the leading professional groups in the world in the tissue culturing of superior quality teak for the plantation industry. Our most competitive advantage is the ownership of one of the largest and richest teak germplasm in the world that is very much sought after by investors. Through the progressive optimization of the developed in vitro technology, YSG Bioscape now has an annual production capacity of 1.5 to 2 million plantlets. At the same time, the company is involved in the supply of ornamental plants for sale and rental, as well as the provision of landscape services, specifically, in the decoration of venues for official functions. The new landscape showcase nursery is located in the vicinity of our office and laboratory. It is designed to be both a premise for sales, as well as for visitors who wish to enjoy leisurely walks in this half a hectare of nicely laid-out gardens. It is also available for rental for various social and recreational events.

The latest addition to the business activity of the company is the Aquascape Center, previously known as Green Connection. Next to the showcase nursery, the center is an aquarium cum edu-botanical garden showcasing a variety of tropical freshwater fish surrounded by themed gardens for an educational and enjoyable experience.

Photos of new showcase nursery and Arapaima at the Aquascape Center

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